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Shell Shock

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Shell Shock Empty Shell Shock

Post  RichieO on Tue Mar 20 2012, 21:43

Shell Shock

Oh my love, I stand upon a foreign land
Having crossed one of the seven seas
To be amongst the death and destruction
That man can do to man, its murder my beloved

A distant thunder of the guns reach my ears
As I stand and reflect upon my time gone by,
How sweet this air does reach my lungs.
From the smell of the trenches of total war

I hear no Larks upon the Passchedaele ground
A silence of birdsong so sweet not heard for awhile
Looking across the fields once green, now brown
Now burnt from the artillery shells which rain down.

This land now barren and wounded from the hell of man.
No trees do stand for birds to sing their songs
No wild life doth live except the rats that survive.
A wild dog, somewhat rare scrapes to find a morsel of
meat upon this stinking, filthy, rotting and dying land.
Horses lie dead their beauty lost in rotting flesh.

Oh I wish I can sing and play again in the fields
Of my distant home so far away, across the wide sea
Maybe one day I will see these fields when I am free
But for today I weep from the scenes I have seen.
A deathly ache grips my heart now my friends are gone.

For months on end the sounds of the guns and the fear
of death has been my only hostile friend. I have endured
the pain and suffering that any man could stand.
Marching into battle, going over the top, the machine guns
spitting there deadly lead. Can I go on till I am dead upon this land.

I was wandering along a road away from the sounds
Screaming out to drain the noise of the guns inside my head.
A look of fear and dread appeared across my battle scarred face.
My body cannot but stop the shaking that has control of me.
So tired, so weary is my life today can tomorrow bring peace for me.

For now I stand against this post rising from the ground.
My eyes are blind from the black hood over my head.
My body feels calm, for I do not know why?
The light of the dawn sun rises in the east and the sounds
of the bolts has rifles are primed has await my time.

They say I am a coward but what do they know
For I have fought has hard has any soldier can bear.
A rest and be away from frontline would cure my pain.
But no, I stand against my final last post as the Officer shouts……………..FIRE!!!!.

© RichieO 2012
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BW Support

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Shell Shock Empty Re: Shell Shock

Post  Little Owl on Tue Apr 03 2012, 06:57

Wow! What words can I say that would do justice to your work. Makes you think. Kudos well deserved.
Little Owl
Little Owl

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