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CONTEST CLOSED! Voting Booths Now Open

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CONTEST CLOSED! Voting Booths Now Open

Post  BC Williams on Wed Apr 18 2012, 13:31

This Contest is now closed. Please take a few minutes to read all the poems below, and with an open mind and steady heart, visit each Voting Booth below to choose First, Second, and Third Place.
  • Please choose different poems for each placement!
  • Don't vote for yourself UNLESS you really believe it's best in a given placement:-)

We need everyone's VOTE!

  • We have 13 authors who submitted 21 poems.
    We ALL need to vote to keep this fair.

  • When you've finished voting, PLEASE Reply below saying: VOTED!

  • I will hold my vote til the end encase we need a tiebreaker.

May the BEST POEMS Win!

1 The Silence of Walls

I sit alone staring at walls, hoping that He will take me home,
For she is gone no more on earth, no more laughter to be heard,
We were together for so many years, we met we fell in love,
We told everyone before Him above and now she has gone and is no more,
I sit in a room of silence behind the door.
It does not matter if I go into another room, the same silence greets me
As laughter is no more, just the silence behind our door,
So much laughter and oh so much joy,
We used to look and chat and wander out as if we were attached,
But then she was ill and I sat there each day,
Knowing that only time was the way, first no movement then no speech,
Then one night she slipped away, after opening her eyes and saying goodbye.
I cried all night, phoned no-one at all
But then the doctor came to call, and he noticed the silence of it all.
I think we cremated her and scattered her away,
But I was in a field of grief, and knew not much,
Other than she had gone away, and even though each day I pray,
Hoping He will take me away, I sit in the room of silence and wait.
I do not want to stay here another day, not now she has gone away.
I want to meet in Paradise and hear laughter all day,
But all I have is silence in walls that will ... go away.



Deep in the heart of you
how do you really feel?
Is there a part
that really can love me?
Or are you just playing a game
'til someone 'better' comes along?
If you would like something from me
take the friendship I have to offer,
but don't smash it into the ground.
Don't take the love in side me
for that is a part that is mine only to give.
Tell me with your words -
and not your touches,
how you really feel about me?

3 Can I help in any way?
I see that you are sad today
Did something happen yesterday?
The look in your eyes….so far away
Can I help in any way?

Your body language seems to say
‘I’ve had enough, please go away!’
What caused you to react this way?
Can I help in any way?

I search your eyes, for the answer there ....
Did you think that I didn’t care?
Is life for you so cruel, unfair?
Can I help in any way?

I see your sadness, feel your pain
You’re hurting memories still remain
That haunted look is there again
Can I help in any way?
I want to take you from this plight
I want to stop this tortuous fight
I want to stop your pain this night
Can I help in any way?

I want to take you by the hand
And lead you to a pleasant land
To bury your troubles in the sand
Can I help in any way?

Our friendship has always been so strong
Please, won’t you tell me what is wrong?
For I have known you my whole life long
Can I help in any way?

Your sadness breaks my heart in two
I’m bewildered now…what can I do
But stand with you to help you through
I shall pray with you today…….


........................ 4 Forgotten

In the corner of the graveyard lay a stone so small and bare,
Whilst others draped in flowers, just a date was etched on there.
I walked the path towards it, blooming petals thinning fast
The grasses faded yellow as the wind whipped up-then passed.
Alone. I stood and stared upon the smallest headstone plot
And wondered how it came to be without a name- forgot?!
It seemed the clock stopped ticking as I frowned upon the date
Yet still- the air, dissolved the day, for now it had got late.
The spitting of the rain had sent a shiver down my spine
Awoken from my hazed-dazed state was how i'd spent the time.
Within my hand I held a bunch of tulips-wilting slow
And just as quick I thought to lay them, something told me 'No'.
As then a breeze with sweetened scent turned my eyes to see
A single rose of purest white growing beneath a tree.
This willow tree with twisted trunk, protector of this flower
It seemed to be abeckoning me to sit there for an hour..
And sheltered from the pouring rain, I felt at ease a while
The rose stood strong.then quivered, seemed to lean across and smile
For there carved deep within the trunk, a perfect forming heart
where two sets of initials inscribed, "Never will we part".


All through life there are many doors.
Some a joy to open, some may bring you strife,
others you can hide behind
during some time through your life.

All through the ages, man's created doors:
medival, high wooden oak ones
that would drag across the floors,
to the cold, steel sliding ones; really quite a bore!

Doors upon the cupboards
in which our foods are stored,
doors that lock away medicine
away from our childrens paws.

Doors on royal coaches,
doors on Roll Royces,
garage doors with locks and keys
to secure our transport choices.

Doors on planes, also trains,
doors on buses to keep out rain.
Wrought iron doors set in castle walls
locked up tight when night does fall.

My favorite door is the door to my heart,
which, when once you enter you'll never part.
Male or female, young or old,
if you're special to me, in my heart I will hold.

6 The Winds of next October

Don't hurt then kiss me
Your breath smells of drink
Don't blink then miss me
I am only a child
I need to think
I want to shout, but for your paws
Those giant paws with gentle claws
I hate the way you talk and fumble
I hate how you stumble
Then smile
Then you cradle me with booze and song

Your life was better not long ago
You flowered those days
But winters snow
Stole your dream and kept your soul
Sending you to lose your way
Over your lost horizon
Maybe I'm surmising, but

You threw me around the stars at Christmas
I kept a few in my pocket, they whisper
To wish again for you a new tomorrow
And put aside that Autumn sorrow
You took me to the moon and back
Dizzy in your arms I slept
Within your sleepy hollow

My Imagination knows no bounds
Let me breath clean and sober
Be the winds of next October
Run through my hair and breeze this heart
You are tearing me apart
I can find you through your pain
Mum left us in the winters rain
For me to turn the pages
But all the same, I love you dad
Further that emotion

I am strong but need your arms
Forget the drunken charms
What's real today is only your dream
In and out of whatever remains
Your reason smiles to cry at night
Anonymous to my plight
I burned the breakfast, let it burn
I tore my dress in the rain
I screamed at god in twisted pain
And wished for a new tomorrow
To turn the pages from this sorrow

My home works done and dinners burnt
Let it burn
Demons come before the sun
I hate you not being here
Lost in my equation
I am facing puberty
Homework and frustration
I hate my skirt, this dirty skirt
Covered in grease and wasted meals
I need to rest and dream, yes dream
Dream of the winds of next October
That will blow away our pain
And leave us clear and sober

7 Man on the Page

In a glass bowl, that's where I live.
All mixed up like pieces to a puzzle.
Afraid, I'm afraid to be put together
And of what will be seen.
The gray of my hair, the dark circles
Neath shot eyes, droopy.
My breath smells of cigarettes
And teeth are stained from the same.
Then there's my hands, old and worn.
No difference can be said of my spine.
My memory lapse, faces forgotten.
My heart beats with cholestrol.
My soul is tired, filled with need.
In a glass bowl is where I live.
All mixed up like pieces to a puzzle.
I'm alone, all alone in this world.
No friends, no home, no life.
Then a hand pours the pieces out.
One by one, a picture forms.
I smile unlike any other hobo.
For I see hope hasn't faded.
There's belief in the man on the page.


..... 8 FOOLED

Oh! we are so fooled by love,
for every stone
seems to have a genuine shine;
or at least that is what
goes within our minds--
though cubic zirconium is what we too often find.



I went for a walk just to enjoy the day.
The path I took was a country road far from home.
On my way, I saw many things of beauty:
animals scurrying here and there,
a buequet of wild flowers growing near a fence post,
but the most interesting thing was an old barn -
standing all alone against a backdrop of afternoon sky.
I stood still pondering it, wondering of it's beginnings.

Then a man appeared beside me.
He chuckled, "That old barn has been in my family since 1910!
I'm having her torn down. She's old and an eyesore to boot."

My heart grew heavy with emotion,
I said,
"This barn may be old, yes,
but it gives refuge to animals,
it keeps them safe and warm.
It's a thing of beauty.
Please reconsider. Look . . ."

A family of grey fox stood in the doorway,
an old owl perched in the cove of a long gone window.
He was amazed seeing all this life,
safe and warm in the shelter of his old barn.

10 Angel Toes

Little tiny angel toes are skipping o’er the ground
Chubby little angel feet that skip without a sound
Little tiny angel toes are dancing to a tune
A lullaby of innocence that disappears too soon

All dressed in her finest threads, she wonders at the world
Of butterflies and daisies, and things not yet unfurled
Her little world is magical, with visions pure and bright
A child that dances in the meadow is indeed a great delight.


11 A Glosa on Emily

A soft Sea washed around the House
A Sea of Summer Air
And rose and fell the magic Planks
That sailed without a care –
Emily Dickinson

Standing on the weather Bridge
Or up in the Crow’s Nest,
An old Sailor read Dickinson –
His Home his Storm-tossed Ship
Then done with the Sea was anchored
Far from the Shore’s Lighthouse,
Forever tethered to the Ground.
Sitting on his Porch Swing
He surveyed World Affairs with Nous.
A soft Sea washed around the House.

A Glass of iced Tea close at Hand
He would sip now and then..
Khaki Pants and long-sleeved white Shirt
Barefooted and hatless
He massaged the Breeze with his Toes.
It blew ‘cross his Tonsure
And the Hair on his Arm stood up –
A Kiss or a Caress –
Surging through his gray thinning Hair
A Sea of Summer Air.

The Sea broke on the Embankment
Rounded as a ship’s bow
And washed over him – a great spray –
That tasted of Sea Salt
And left a coolness on his Cheek.
He prayed as he gave thanks
For his tight sea-worthy Vessel
And sailed east through the Day
And Night beyond the starry Banks –
And rose and fell the magic Planks.

As Magellan sailed ‘round the Horn
On a Sea seldom seen –
Emily’s Imagination
Helped the old sailor feel
The Caress of a salted Breeze
That found him sitting there
Waiting – content on his front Porch –
The Bridge where he stood Watch –
Watching as from a distant star
That sailed without a care.

12 Trapped

I'm sending the damn thing back
I'm going to ring the shop
Should think themselves lucky
It's only the check that I will stop

Still can't believe it happened
Never had such a fright
Couldn't reach the telephone
Stuck there half the night

It was meant to be a help
In my later life
Cost a blooming fortune
Was a present from my wife

Just got back from hospital
Hours on a bed
They reckon I was lucky
Life or death the doctor said

Never thought it would happen
Never heard it anywhere
First time a pensioner
Was eaten by a recliner chair


13 Splitting Hairs

At times I sound like a hairdresser
I snip the edges and skirt the issue
Tell you sad stories and offer a tissue
Then show you a mirror to see behind
But this is the blind leading the blind
How vane we are all, just one of a kind
You say ,"I like this, that's fine
This hair is worth it, and it's mine "

How can we walk so blatantly tall
In this our world about to fall
Lost to greed and ambition
Starved of thought with malnutrition
It seems a shame this self affliction
Feeding our greed with addict addiction
But we go to church with contradiction
Well, we are all that holy and worth it

I remember our fathers going to war
And there they stayed where they were
And children cried in mothers arms
Whatever happened to those lucky charms
Lost with medals in mud and gore
Or rusting away in an old pawn store
Will history ever tell, where our fathers fell
Does anyone these days really care
Or too busy with their hair
But then again, looking good is worth it

Now what of the poor, a different subject
Forgotten and left to their own objective
Do they not cry, do they not bleed
Or is it simply assumed they are aniseed
For the wolves to smell and feed
Remember that they are still alive
But their children die whist others thrive
And then their tears run dry
Where promises made were all but a lie
Whilst the money just falls from the sky
To the pockets of the man with the fancy tie

My tie looks better than his
And my hair is just the biz
That girl with the silken thighs
Is she looking at me with those big brown eyes
Must be my hair as I fix my tie
Why is this tramp bothering me
Fifty pence for a cup of tea
Get a job and let me be
Your cramping my style, can't you see

He touched my hair and in a flair
I pushed him to the ground
With muffled groans he hit his head
Then probably crawled off to his bed
But the girl just turned and blew a kiss
I fixed my tie and changed my hiss
To a smile then widened my eyes
To the thought of those silken thighs
But then again I'm worth it



Emily Dickinson and Charlotte Bronte
inspire me like no other--
and i have only to think of them
to restore all mental clutter--

For they are the trailblazers
of thought and voice,
(and everything in between)--
and were so brave in weathering all,
that i truly have none greater to speak.


15 Seedling in the Earth

I must treat our heart and soul
like seedlings in the earth;
be kind to them, nourish them
with kindness and good thoughts.

Will feed them daily goodness
of happiness and thoughts,
of positives and promises
to sort out all our hurt.

Will walk with you along the beach,
holding strong in hand our heart.
Our soul and inner being
to complete and become a part ....

We're still a whole who loves so deep,
though inside pain makes me weep.
Wish I was not so soft and weak,
stand up stronger, stand and speak.


16 Ol'Wilbert

Here lies the coils of Wilbert(Late)
Who churned the soil from fence to gate
Who's cheery face brightened any day.
In his usual giving wormy-way

His only thought, to find a friend
In whom, he found his other end
This solid union, for years, was laid
A bond, no match for fork nor spade.

This garden was his pride, at best
ITs here- we lay him down to rest
Upon the richest soil and turf
Returned to earth- his place of birth.

Dearest Wilbert, should you need to know
In honour, this garden will always grow.

Miss you always, long, firm friend
remembered, through every bend and end.

( A new concrete friend for mum..)

Upon a lushious lawn of green
Is where you'll often find him seen
A longish and sort of curtious chap
Who doesn't leave your lawn a-gap.
For making holes is NOT his forte
he'd rather friends - he's much to say
So as you perch upon your seat
Becareful where one puts ones feet
For sitting no taller than your thumb
Is our dear friend, ol'William!
A decendant of the Wilbert firm
A conciderate, long life gentle worm.

...... ...

17 A Forever Poem

Think of a forever poem,
One that evokes timelessness
As an attribute of imagination.

A poem, I’m told, should be playful
Full of rhythm, rhyme and time.
Think of a forever poem.

What could be more hopeful?
Envisioning a time beyond time
As an attribute of imagination?

Have you wanted to write of flying
From flower to flower,
Think of a forever poem.

Corporate towers and social ladders
Rapunzel let down your hair
As an attribute of imagination.

Forever lasts a long, long time,
Or so I’ve been so often told
Think of a forever poem,
As an attribute of imagination.

18 Send Us Rain

The day was bright after the very cold night,
Stars were shining bright,
And then the sun rays came forth onto the sky, and day was born,
The sun rose slowly onto the land
The men and women started to work it with their hands,
Some tractors were heard and sound did come forth,
The men got up and looked toward the gate
Lunch was being served and it was food they did not hate.
Work they did again and supper then was served,
The horses were fed tractors filled with petrol,
Ready for a new bright day
The food was set within the ground
It was now on the way
As the sun rose after each and every day
Little tiny seeds began to grow within the fields
After a few months of growth the farmer saw the yield
Men’s backs were hurting gathering up the sheaves
But it put food on the table and drink in their mouths,
Life was still for the living and the ground yielded its grain
Please dear God send us rain


19 Buns and Eggs

Decided to go on a diet
Thought I’d do it for Lent
Needed a few provisions
So off to the store I went

I guess it was bad timing
Really wasn’t my best choice
Had the devil on my shoulder
I could hear his evil voice

See I started around Easter
My decision was made with pride
But when I walked in the store
There was chocolate far and wide

I really started shaking
I could hardly feel my legs
All I could see for miles
Were Hot Cross Buns and Eggs

I’m suspending the bloody diet
To a little later on
Like Summer when there’s salads
And the Easter Eggs have gone

20 What Is A Day

What is a day? Is it from dawn
To dusk I pray. Is it the light that
Makes the day? Do we feel what
The day will bring for us.

Can our troubles wear away a day.
Do we find Joy? Do we find happiness?
Which would we like For our day to bring.
There is a joy in a day,
Which we hope it can but bring?
When we remember such
Small and little things that are buried
deeply within our minds.

From childhood days of love ones past.
These can return so quickly with vivid memories
which become so clear of those who are
No longer here to share them with you.
For they are the ones that used to hold your
Hand and make you feel safe and sound.

So remember those days, which have gone by?
For they are watching over you as you live them today.
They smile and say.......
"Go on my dearest be happy, For me today"

So remember this on birthdays, has they past,
and you will live a happy and true life.

21 Shell Shock

Oh my love, I stand upon a foreign land
Having crossed one of the seven seas
To be amongst the death and destruction
That man can do to man, its murder my beloved

A distant thunder of the guns reach my ears
As I stand and reflect upon my time gone by,
How sweet this air does reach my lungs.
From the smell of the trenches of total war

I hear no Larks upon the Passchedaele ground
A silence of birdsong so sweet not heard for awhile
Looking across the fields once green, now brown
Now burnt from the artillery shells which rain down.

This land now barren and wounded from the hell of man.
No trees do stand for birds to sing their songs
No wild life doth live except the rats that survive.
A wild dog, somewhat rare scrapes to find a morsel of
meat upon this stinking, filthy, rotting and dying land.
Horses lie dead their beauty lost in rotting flesh.

Oh I wish I can sing and play again in the fields
Of my distant home so far away, across the wide sea
Maybe one day I will see these fields when I am free
But for today I weep from the scenes I have seen.
A deathly ache grips my heart now my friends are gone.

For months on end the sounds of the guns and the fear
of death has been my only hostile friend. I have endured
the pain and suffering that any man could stand.
Marching into battle, going over the top, the machine guns
spitting there deadly lead. Can I go on till I am dead upon this land.

I was wandering along a road away from the sounds
Screaming out to drain the noise of the guns inside my head.
A look of fear and dread appeared across my battle scarred face.
My body cannot but stop the shaking that has control of me.
So tired, so weary is my life today can tomorrow bring peace for me.

For now I stand against this post rising from the ground.
My eyes are blind from the black hood over my head.
My body feels calm, for I do not know why?
The light of the dawn sun rises in the east and the sounds
of the bolts has rifles are primed has await my time.

They say I am a coward but what do they know
For I have fought has hard has any soldier can bear.
A rest and be away from frontline would cure my pain.
But no, I stand against my final last post as the Officer shouts……………..FIRE!!!!.

Be obscure clearly. ~ E.B. White
BC Williams

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Re: CONTEST CLOSED! Voting Booths Now Open

Post  peewee on Wed Apr 25 2012, 01:16


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Post  jinettyx on Wed Apr 25 2012, 03:44


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Re: CONTEST CLOSED! Voting Booths Now Open

Post  Mr Williams on Wed Apr 25 2012, 08:38

Mr Williams

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Re: CONTEST CLOSED! Voting Booths Now Open

Post  Lucie on Wed Apr 25 2012, 10:45

Voted !

Good luck everyone x

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Re: CONTEST CLOSED! Voting Booths Now Open

Post  RichieO on Wed Apr 25 2012, 15:11

BW Support
BW Support

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Re: CONTEST CLOSED! Voting Booths Now Open

Post  Sue McDonald on Sat Apr 28 2012, 20:13

Voted !
Sue McDonald

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