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Cheryl Jenkins Brickner-Biography

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Cheryl Jenkins Brickner-Biography

Post  Cheryl Brickner on Wed Oct 12 2011, 14:14

Born in Washington D.C., then moved to Florida where I grew
up on the water.This setting gave me a huge desire to follow in the field of Fine Arts.
After all, I had such a beautiful palette of colors to choose from and so much to write about starting as a child.
The origin of my writing, poetry and painting stems from my intensity of
feeling at that moment or because of a certain dramatic experience.
I am a breast cancer survivor of 11 years. Do to the seriousness of my illness, along with other illnesses and traumatic childhood experiences drew me in closer to becoming the writer/artist that I am now.
I thank God for all the talent he has given me and a purpose in which to share my life, along with my precious children and husband.
One of the writer's who inspired me is Fred West. He is a tremendous
writer/poet of whom I cherish our friendship.

Much love to all fellow writers/poets,
Cheryl Jenkins Brickner
Cheryl Brickner
Cheryl Brickner

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Re: Cheryl Jenkins Brickner-Biography

Post  peewee on Wed Oct 12 2011, 15:47

Well I for one look forward to reading your work group hug

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Re: Cheryl Jenkins Brickner-Biography

Post  BC Williams on Wed Oct 12 2011, 17:55

Welcome Cheryl!

I see on FB that you lived where I live now, Lakeland, Florida. I'm an influx too, coming here January 2010 to marry my soul mate. It's a big change for an Ohio gal.

I too am looking forward to reading your work. I encourage you to share your art with this forum. If you have trouble uploading images, let me know.

Thank you for becoming a part of our forum! Our authors are very friendly and encouraging of one another. We strive for our best here, but mainly think sharing our inner selves is the most therapeutic part of being writers. None of us here feel perfect, understanding that camaraderie is a writer's best friend. This is why commenting on each other's work is so important, whether it be constructive, or just to put a smile on the author's face.

BIG hug bev
BC Williams
BC Williams

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Re: Cheryl Jenkins Brickner-Biography

Post  jinettyx on Fri Oct 14 2011, 02:59

Welcome Cheryl..!!! As Bev says, we are all friendly and welcome fresh and new writers....I myself haven't been a member for very long but already have made lifelong friends and enjoy the challenges. Each of us has our own unique style of writing and I hope you will enjoy being part of the fun. I look forward to reading your work....Jin

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Re: Cheryl Jenkins Brickner-Biography

Post  Dori on Sat Oct 15 2011, 10:00

WECOME Cheryl, to the sometimes, wakey & crazy world of our group, so glad to see you here.
It feels as though I have been here a life time (which I just about have) I joined about 2 1/1 years ago.
I too look forward to reading your poems and viewing your pictures.
Dori group hug

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RE: Cheryl Jenkins Brickner-Biography

Post  RichieO on Sat Oct 15 2011, 17:03

Hi Cheryl
Welcome to this Forum. I am one the newbies as well, it's has Jinetty says they are very friendly here. Looking forward to reading your work.
BW Support
BW Support

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Re: Cheryl Jenkins Brickner-Biography

Post  Sue McDonald on Sun Oct 16 2011, 03:06

Hi Cheryl, Welcome to our beautiful home of friendly people, hope you enjoy being here with us, I also am looking forward to reading and seeing your style of poetry / writing ... give flowers BIG hug
Sue McDonald
Sue McDonald

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Re: Cheryl Jenkins Brickner-Biography

Post  fredwest on Mon Oct 17 2011, 03:30

Hi Cheryl you have such talent and I am glad you have made it here.
I alwys look forward to reading your work it is an inspiration to all and your illustrations are great as well.

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