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Uncle Albert

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Uncle Albert

Post  Sue McDonald on Wed Oct 26 2011, 21:26

I have a ghostly story, of a spirit if you please,
it's true, it's what I went through, as a child in my teens.
As Halloween is lurking, thought that I would share
what me and my friend Sarah went through, boy was I scared.

I stayed with my friend Sarah, at her Auntys house in Wales,
a grand old house with creaky boards, a house so full of tales.
We went for walks, did girly things, laughed and talked and giggled,
when evening darkness folded in, did scarey things and quivered.

What I'm about to tell you, I swear to you is true,
over thirty years it happened, in my mind is still brand new.
We went to bed one evening, exhausted from the day,
we laid upon the springy bed, felt a coil or two.

We both were very tired, Sarah more than I,
I couldn't get to sleep, no matter how I tried.
The noise outside was distant, the room felt cold and quiet,
I layed there thinking overtime, my mind was running wild.

Our room had three large windows, all on one long wall,
our bed was large and squeaky, high up off the floor.
I lay there watching shadows, dance on window pains,
branches tapped on window sill, noise played in my brain.

Outside the wind gained speed, raindrops pitter pattered,
I jumped as Sarah snored, she was on another plateau.
The wardrobe door with mirror, reflected back the moon,
the floorboards started creaking, there was something in our room.

I layed like a corpse in a morgue, my breath heavy and cold,
I stared across to the window, where a figure was standing so bold !
The manly shape that it formed, with a peaked cap on his head,
was staring out of far window, I couldn't breath, I was so full of dread.

''Sarah'', I whispered, then kicked, ''wakeup theres someone in here,''
''Go to sleep Sue,'' she said, tiredly, ''no need to feel any fear.''
''GO TO SLEEP !'' she has to be joking, can't breath or swallow, I'm choaking
theres a man in our room, not saying a word, Oh My God, now he is floating

He removed the cap with the peak, hung it up on the door with the hook, floated to his place at the window, I passed out into sleep, please no more.

In the morning the sun woke us both, shining through gap in the curtain,
I stretched, rememberd with fear, that happened last night, I was certain.
It wasn't my mind playing games, I remember, I called Sarah's name,
I look at her now, as she raised her brow, ''why did you kick me you cow'' ?

''Last night, did you see what I saw ?'', she jumped from the bed to the floor,
''No'', she giggled and laughed, ''just get dressed and don't be so daft !''
So I dressed with a memory so heavy, I know what I saw and did feel,
this shape that invaded our room, stayed there all cold and so deathly.

We joined Aunty for breakfast at eight, yummy bacon and eggs on our plate,
Sarah whisperd and laughed with Aunty, inside me last nights image a dancing
As we enjoyed our breakfast, Aunty was in her own world with her thoughts
she seemed to have drifted somewhere, happy as the smile that was caught

We had just finished clearing the table, as Sarah called out to Aunt Mable,
''Sue met Uncle last night, he gave her a terrible fright''.
Aunt Mable sat back in her armchair, with a saddening smile of loss,
''Oh pet, did you see my Albert?'', ''you must be one special lass''.

I turned and looked at Sarah, felt the goosebumps on my arms,
''Don't worry'', said Aunt Mable, ''he won't do you any harm''.
''Every night since he was taken, he comes to visit us,
stands at his bedroom window, watching his trains without a fuss''.

''You see it was his passion, he loved to watch his trains,
daily after tea, he would watch them along the lines''.
He would stand with cap on head, tip it as they passed,
his eyes would gleem with pleasure, he was taken far to fast''.

A sadness overwhelmed me, this gentle quiet form,
hadn't come to harm me, he just carried on the norm,
spending time with his Mable, whom he so loved,
watch his trains as normal, then go home to heaven above.

The vision that I saw that night, was not Halloween with her fright,
was a man with two loves in his life, his trains and his beautiful wife.
Theres no way I could know of his ritual, or where in the room that he stood,
didn't know that he wore a peaked cap, or infact that he'd be there that night

The old house in Wales is still standing, Aunt Mable bequeathed it to Sarah,
the trains still pass by the window, Uncle Albert still visits there daily,
if your walking down their street, take a glance to the second floor window,
no longer one lonely lost soul, two lovers reunited by the railway.

© by Sue McDonald..........26/10/11
Sue McDonald
Sue McDonald

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