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Flash Bio (3rd Person)

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Flash Bio (3rd Person) Empty Flash Bio (3rd Person)

Post  mikeschultz on Thu Jan 05 2012, 14:22

A resident of the Village of Crooksville in Perry County, Ohio since the summer of 1995, Michael came for a graduate program in English at Ohio University at Athens, met, fell in love with, and married Wanda Jean Trussell of Deavertown. As an “Old Salt” he has set his oars to rest and reside, caring for his small plot of hillside yard and a home that turned 100 in September of 2008.

Born in Salisbury, Maryland, in late November of 1953, Michael began his schooling at the Seminole Elementary School, near Hialeah, in South Florida, and the summer after the Cuban Missile Crisis moved with his family back to Maryland. By the age of fourteen Michael was the captain of his own work boat. Plying the waters of the Big Annemessex River, he netted, scraped and ran a trotline for the Chesapeake Bay’s pride and joy, the Blue Crab. He wrote his first song at age sixteen and performed it twice, at church and at school. At seventeen, while still in high school, he enlisted in the United States Navy’s Delayed Entry Program as a volunteer for Submarine Duty. He graduated from Crisfield High School, Crisfield, Maryland, (Go Crabbers!) and after a brief vacation reported to Boot Camp at Great Lakes, Illinois.

Over the course of a twenty-year career, Michael rose from the rank of E-1 to E-7, and was initiated as a Chief Petty Officer, and later commissioned as a Chief Warrant Officer (W-2), Submarine Engineering Systems Specialist. He served aboard four diesel-electric submarines: USS Mackerel (SST-1), Key West, Florida; USS Amberjack (SS-522), Key West, Florida; USS Sailfish (SS-572), Mare Island and San Diego; USS Grayback (SS-574), Subic Bay, Republic of the Philippines; two nuclear submarines: USS Skipjack (SSN-585), Groton, Connecticut; and USS Topeka (SSN-754), Groton, Connecticut; and two surface ships: USS Proteus (ARS-8), Little Creek, Virginia; and USS Proteus (AS-19), Apra Harbor, Guam. He retired on January 1, 1992 and returned to Connecticut to study for and earn a BA with honors in English from Eastern Connecticut State University (’94).

While at Eastern Michael studied under poet Gray Jacobik, and later took a graduate course in creative writing, Poetry with poet Don Barkin, at the Wesleyan University. He moved to Ohio in 1994 and was soon engage in graduate studies with Ohio University, Athens. Unfortunately, life intervened and he didn’t finish his Master’s degree work. But, there’s still time, and as he once wrote in a song: “Dreams Do Come True (If You Really Want Them To)”.

Michael now spends his days reading and writing short stories and poetry, and playing his guitar and singing.

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