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Fishy tale

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Fishy tale Empty Fishy tale

Post  Lucie on Sat Apr 07 2012, 06:54

Well, I thought i'd like a fish tank
For I had one years ago.
I found it so relaxing
watching fishes glide the waterflow.

but since I'd moved, I'm limited
For space in every room.
'Til searching on the internet
An answer came up- BOOM!

They displayed a wonder-gadget
Where i read the spec's long n'tall
It seemed to solve the problem,
I could hang one on the wall!!

Well the first one turned up broken
So I had to send it back,
I had to write a letter
To explain the delivery was crap.

They sent me a replacement
So excited! I couldn't measure.
For soon I'd watch me fishes
Giving me so much joy and pleasure.

It took a bit o'jigging
You had to hang it up quite blind..
It was heavy- the holes were hidden,
It sat slightly off- I didn't mind..

The task was now to dress it
And set the water right
Twas then I realised crikey,
This narrow tank was just too tight!

At last we found some oddments
(even they were pretty dear)
Some stones, some plants and treatments
To keep the water safe and clear.

Another week we waited
For the levels to be right
in a rush we bundled in the car
Stormed the shop for fishes bright!

My daughters picked out Platy's
My hubby, Minnows n'a few neon
THATS when all the trouble started
From then, it all went wrong..

The pump it ran quite rapid
That for days it needed tweeking
We lost two fish a day it seemed
(Just glad it wasn't leaking!)

Back to the aquarium
we bought a few small fish
a cleaner and a narrow net
(Incase some had a dying wish)

We made afew adjustments
For some fishes acted sappy
Half had taken quite to hiding
So we felt that they weren't happy

And it wasn't all that easy
Being balanced on a wall
Everything was so damn awkward
And you HAD to be quite tall.

The pump it seemed was pityful
But as we had soon discovered
This two-pronged foreign gadget
Had us well and truley buggared!

Again we started losing fish
what was left would swim n'hide
We'd sit and watch an empty tank!
And That, i could not abide..

Back we went, I bought a fish
A beautiful siemese fighter
He didn't need alot of room
Cept' he ate t'other fish, the blighter!

So now I had a fish tank
People saw and cried out "WOW,
When you gonna get the fishes in?"
I couldn't answer- just lift a brow.

Not to be beat, i bought another
SMALLER TANK this time
To put the siemese fighter in
And f'the wall tank, another NINE.

All went well, they swam about
I sighed relief at last
Then like the negative of Noah,
They died two by two, and fast

I don't like to watch the fishes
I care NOT to see them swim
It isn't anything relaxing
ITs COSTLY STRESS and both are going in the BIN!!!!

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Fishy tale Empty Re: Fishy tale

Post  peewee on Sat Apr 07 2012, 08:25

I worked with a guy once that made Fish Tanks
I made my own tank that sat on a 10 mm all glass stand
It was designed by me to hold the tank on top and a TV and Video underneath

That way it didn't take up too much room in our little flat

I started reading this, then went and made tea and came back to finish it
Well worth reading duck xxx

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Fishy tale Empty Re: Fishy tale

Post  Lucie on Sat Apr 07 2012, 12:48

well done my lovely cos that was a proper longy!

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Fishy tale Empty Re: Fishy tale

Post  BC Williams on Sat Apr 07 2012, 14:17

I've had aquariums in the past that were just fine . . . but now, I have a little 5 gallon that will NOT let fish live! You're right, it can get mighty expensive when you keep replacing.

Good, long poem Ms Lucie. I love long poems:-)

Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven

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BC Williams
BC Williams

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Fishy tale Empty Re: Fishy tale

Post  mikeschultz on Sat Apr 07 2012, 14:58

You've captured the fish tank experience all quite nicely, Lucie, with your witty and and crafty telling. I have a fifty-five gallon tank that is at the moment, quite dry. I'm thinking thait might make it into a terrarium for a very select group of small creatures and live plants. But back to your poem, it is very nice, indeed. I thoroughly enjoyed the read. Very Happy


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Fishy tale Empty Re: Fishy tale

Post  jinettyx on Sun Apr 08 2012, 02:52

A brilliantly funny fishy tale if ever I read one!! I look forward to seeing you and your fishies later today...... clapping

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