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My Uncle Duncan

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My Uncle Duncan Empty My Uncle Duncan

Post  Sue McDonald on Fri Oct 26 2018, 07:35

You were unlike any other, a man of class and style
a gentle voice, friendly manner and the wickedest of smiles
I never heard you raise your voice, yet that doesn't mean you didn't
all I know is, as a child, from my recall, your eyes of love were brilliant.

I still have some vivid images, to me they feel quite true,
of you standing in the kitchen with an apron to your knees
making my beautiful Aunt and Nan, a hot cup of tea,
such an image in my mind that I can see so clear.

My favorite part of my childhood, was staying with my Aunt and Uncle
you always made me feel so safe, loved, warm and comfy
but you my Uncle set the standards, for a husband later in my life
if I could find someone kind like you l would happily be a wife.

Thirty seven years its been, since I've seen your face,
or witnessed that loving smile,
yet I call your home and you answer your phone with,
''Hello Susie, is that you''?

I'll miss your wise and sensible talks, when I would ring in some distress
I'll always hold your values dear and smile at your quirky ways
Cherish the memories of a man so loved and my happy childhood stays
love you for showing my Aunt such love, that in turn made me yearn for the same

I will always truly admire you, your character strength and style
never ever forget the love you had in your eyes and that wicked smile
will miss the voice, that spoke so calm, as some of us weathered storms
embrace the memories locked in my heart so full of love and warmth

Whilst your life is being celebrated for all that you've given in life
it will be so very, very hard to try not shed a tear
knowing that I'll never hear your beautiful voice again
or see the face of my Uncle, the epitome of a man.

R.I.P Uncle Dunc, always in my heart, forever in my memory

(c) By Sue McDonald..... Written for my Uncle Duncan with love 26/10/2018
Sue McDonald
Sue McDonald

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