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Post  anantanand on Thu Aug 11 2011, 00:53

Sri Rupaji’s ANANT Birth

Anant's Birth

Lt. Sriman Rasik Majithia and Srimati Ranjan Majithia were having two boys. Srimati Ranjan Majithai was desperate to have a girl child. On 28th June 1977 at 4:46am Tuesday at Bombay hospital, Mumbai, India, Srimati Ranjan Majithai delivered a girl child who is named by Rupa. Both Lt. Sriman Rasik Majithia and Srimati Ranjan Majithia were very happy to have this baby girl. Both brothers where happy to see the sister. When she was born the elder brother was of age 7 and second brother was of 2 and half years.

Sri Rupaji’s childhood qualities

Received love from everyone
Serious about studies
Strong personality
Strong Will power
Stubborn for Truth
Ready to help other people from childhood
Very sensitive and emotional during childhood
Aggressive and short tempered

Father’s Departure

Father left physical body in 1990, mother was always strong willed power woman, she always supported her mother, never left her alone in such time, every moment she was there with her.

Family Life

Sri Rupaji was from a very Religious family, where she faced strict rules and regulations about god and rituals but she broke all the beliefs about religion, god, tradition…

As a child being in religious family she had to follow all the orthodox rules, rituals of the religion, doing idol worship of a particular god (shrinathji & mahaprabhuji) and she did it beautifully accepted it with faith beautifully during that time. Till the time she was there in the home until her marriage.

This shows that acceptance level of hers in everything was very high, she accepted everything as it is from the childhood.

Schooling and College

Studied at Manavmandir High School, Valkeshwar, Mumbai, cleared 10th class in 1992 but always felt during this time strong feelings to do something different. She always felt from childhood that she came here to do something different. She wanted to become a doctor but very different doctor not a doctor like a Sargon who cuts the body.

These feelings were clear at the age of 14 but still awareness was not there of exactly what does she wants. Life unfolded slowly and gradually her life purpose in very beautiful way. It was revealed to her that what was her life purpose during her journey of education after she left 10th standard and started college in the year 1993 in SNDT College as a home science

In 12th standard miracle happened it is so much true that life might not give you what you want but life will always give you what you need. After 12th standard in SNDT there too select a major profession (subject) to study. She wanted to do child psychology (development). Appeared for the same but did not get admission in it but got admission in counseling psychology.
Getting admission in counseling psychology was a first step to reveal to her by nature that what was her purpose of life. For 3 years she studied counseling psychology completed graduation, passed out in 1998 and became counseling psychologist.

Post Graduation & Higher Education

Journey unfolds again the second step further took education in MS psychotherapy in 1999 from Chittor, Institute of Behavioral and Management Science and became a clinical psycotherapiest.

Started clinical practice in 2002 with very bold step without anyone’s support doing anywhere job, opened once own clinic. Started taking patients confidently even before becoming a doctor. Studied little bit of hypnosis and helped patients with hypnosis and counseling. Majorly always with ones own belief and positive approach towards life.

Marriage Life and Becoming a Doctor

Another turn came in 2002 she got married and started living with husband and in-laws and experienced the journey from 2002 to 2006 as a married family life with the parallel clinical practice as psycotherapiest. In 2002 after getting married started hypnotherapy with California hypnosis institute with dr. sunny satin who was a great teacher. Got a different experience culturally different religious experience of accepting, worshipping different god. She accepted this experience of worshipping a different god beautifully without any resistance or question as it is.

Broken religious belief. From the childhood it was her experience given by family to wear tulsi mala and it was said from the 6th day of birth that if you don’t have this mala in your neck you create a bad karma (paap – sin) you are not protected and safe without this mala, you must have this mala in your neck. And by chance if it is broken you cannot step ahead a single step without tying a note again or wearing a new mala. These suggestions were so strong to her mind and followed by her till the age of 24. After marriage she was in a new home, new culturally different religious experience. She removed that mala and did not even think once that she is not protected. She always knew that without that mala also she is protected. This was beautiful experience to break old conditioning of childhood and believing in only self.

Got Phd degree in depression from alternative medicine in 2003 and became a doctor.

Journey of family life was beautiful experiences of growth ended in year 2006 with the process of graceful divorce. There was never a blame game in whole process as she was always taking life as experience for growth. She always supported family financially as well as was a good home maker too. She always had a higher understanding about life and to handle everyone around her. Her energies were so powerful that the hatred, guilt, blame such a kind of emotions never took place during the time of departing.

Being Independent

She moved on her own in her life independently never turned back to family for any kind of support. She always lived independently on her own and supported herself in every way.

Her strength was that she always looked in the mirror and asked herself what is that I need to change in myself in order to bring the situation in balance when faced with different negative experiences in life which has just led to endless growth.

From 2002 to 2010 she did her clinical practice as a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and spiritual teacher. In nov 2009 further expansion of life has made her meet with Manavji Sahaj who started doing workshop till 2010.

Transformation experience shared by Manavji sahaj

Since 2009 I am more into meditation which has lead me to another dimension of life. Things are very different now from where I have started. Many have asked me what do you do and a simple smile flashes on my face. The question is obvious for those who are influenced by the REALITY of outer world. Nevertheless this question is highly irrelevant for the explorer of world within.

In Mumbai since 2009 I am healing people individually and through workshops on self-healing. As part of The 4th Dimension organization founded by Dr. Rupa Lifecoach (Sri Rupaji Anant) who is a clinical psychotherapist and hypnotherapist we both are helping people to understand that there is this innate self-healing system with us.

The 4th Dimension since 10+ years was working on the modus-operandi of the present economical system where everything has specific price from individual consultation to workshops.

One of the fundamental principal of life we share in our workshops and in our individual consultation is “Live what you believe” this was the root of the revolution that came in our organization. Since 6 months we were discussing about our fee system that is there are many who cannot afford money and yet they require healing and support how can we help them.

On 10th July 2010 we declared that every Friday we will have Free Meditation Session and this was listed in the free event column of Mumbai Mirror and Bombay Times. Around 50 people called and 25 people attended our first collective meditation on 15th July. After the meditation the same night we had a big realization about what we were preaching about live what you believe. We believed in serving and the service was blocked with the fee system. Immediately everything changed. This also reminds me to share that change is not futuristic.

At around 11pm we smsed our clients and posted on our websitewww.inthe4thdimension.com our new Fee System which is as follows:

to get healed and yet they stop their own process of healing just due to money constrain. Therefore The 4thDimension has taken up this mission of healing people as a service to humanity”.
“We believe in exchange of energy. The way we are taking air while inhaling we are exchanging through exhaling. So the process is a two way process inhale and exhale. In the same way whatever services we are offering you can offer your contribution in whatever form you wish with us. The major contribution you can return to us is your balanced health and peace within. Apart from this if you still feel to share you may use various energies like money, food, daal, rice, wheat, flour, sugar, oil, ghee, fruits, grocery, clothing, space, time, books, skills, knowledge etc. You are welcome to share anything that you feel comfortable and anything that you can afford as our fee to us. After 10 years of our practice of healing we have realized that there are people who are desperate

After this declaration our we found a beautiful change in our being and a special contentment. The workshop on Rain of Bliss which we use to charge Rs. 4500/- has now fallen into the new system and as soon as people heard about this 30 people enrolled into the workshop check out the glimpses of Rain of Bliss workshop on our website.

Another realization also happened after the Free Meditation session we started Free Self healing session on every thursday. Around 40-50 people came for the first session and the next day the question arise how are we going to accommodate so many people as we didn’t had space. We went to various clubs but they asked Rs. 5000/- to 10000/-.

We started meditation again and after 2 days one of our patient came and said that he has a space. I went to check the place and to my surprise this was a huge space where around 150-200 people can be accommodated. This was indeed a miracle for us. Now atleast for 6 months we have this space where we are going to conduct Free Meditation & Self Healing Sessions every thursday and friday and every sunday we conduct Rain of Bliss workshop. For almost one year we conducted sessions, satsungs, discourses over there.

This is I call Living The Revolution has appeared not just with an intellectual pursuit but with the grace of consciousness. Why Living the revolution rather than Bringing the Revolution can be another obvious question and the simple answer is Revolution can be brought the moment we start living it.

As Gandhi says, “Be the change you want to see!” and I say live the change you want to bring in your life and that is why Living the Revolution.

- Manavji Sahaj


Started doing continuous meditation sessions free so total income was stopped but still the expense was there. After 3 months got intuition and insights through meditation to leave everything house, possessions, belongings, clinical practice everything…

9th sept 2010 left the house with 4 bags in hand and started different journey. Got a place to stay for sometime at the same place continued meditation session only on donation system or free.

From here she had to vacate the place for some reason so nature took her to the forest and she started living in the forest for few months doing her own sadhana, doing nothing just being with her own self.

After few months of sadhana got the message from nature to create ashram in the same forest where sadhana is done. To make this possible she came to Mumbai and registered a trust called sri rupaji anant charitable trust.

To fulfill her vision work is continuously happening. Satsang (discourses), meditation sessions, individual healing are happening everywhere.


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