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maybe he was too thin

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maybe he was too thin

Post  Fred West on Tue Feb 05 2013, 04:35

Maybe he was too Thin
There was a caterpillar that walked slowly up the stalk,
He was just going walking and did not want to talk,
Plodding on his way he went from leaf to branch to leaf,
And Mr. Caterpillar got a lot of leg relief.
Now Mr. Caterpillar was feeling kind of scared, because as he went up the cauliflower stalk,
He kept on seeing the shadow of some wings, he really thought he eat too much and ought to be so much thinner,
Then he would not see the wings and end up as someone’s dinner.
But now he reached his goal at last and there he was at the top!
And the overweight caterpillar was staring at a wing,
Please god oh please god he said please make me thin.
But the caterpillar got a surprise and someone sat upon the cauli. And said to him you know it’s me and I remember one day, and with that he flew away.
Summer passed but he needed to fast and so he sat upon a wall,
And to his surprise he went and made himself into a little ball,
Some days passed and stuck he was but he could not remember how he got there in the first place, but when he emerged from the ball he was not fat any more,
He was thin and had some wings and then he remembered what the other thing had said I remember when,
He had remembered when he was a caterpillar and now he was a butterfly, he didn’t know why but he was and with the lovely colours on his wings he flew away into the sky wondering why,
He saw a caterpillar sitting on a leaf, he flew on down and sat beside and said I remember when, and then just flew away,
making the caterpillar wonder what it was that he had seen that day, and wondered why this thing did not eat him ,
Maybe just maybe he was too thin.
©Fred West 2013
Fred West

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Re: maybe he was too thin

Post  mikeschultz on Tue Feb 05 2013, 07:55

Fred, this has the air of an old world fable. Well done, I enjoyed the read. If you will forgive a bit of whimsy, I wonder if it is a thing that butterflies do, to visit with their more encumbered kin? And if so, why? Thanks.


Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven

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Re: maybe he was too thin

Post  Fred West on Thu Feb 07 2013, 02:33

to rub in the fact they now have wings lolhehehe
Fred West

Posts : 363
Author Credits : 688
Accolades : 3
Join date : 2010-10-13

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