Best Examples of Essay Thesis Statements

When we talk about a thesis statement, we talk about the sentence or two sentences in the introduction. These sentences are usually in the middle of at the end of the introduction. A thesis statement talks about a point of view that you will explain in the middle of the body. Normally thesis statements summarize what you will discuss. There is no way a lecturer in his right mind will give you excellent marks when you do not have a thesis statement. It is something that your lecturer is searching for so that he can award you the marks needed. Teachers look for this part of the essay to begin the allocation of marks. Thesis statements are part of those factors that affect your grades.

Writing a thesis statement is the part that students face a lot of trouble. And these are the questions that students ask all the time.

  1. Where do you think I can out the thesis statement?
  2. How does its structure look like?
  3. Which structure can I use for writing it?
  4. How can I write a compelling thesis statement?

Now, this is the part where you have to be calm. At least there is good news coming up.

This article will share the different tips that you can use as a student to come up with a compelling thesis statement.

But first and foremost, let’s define what z thesis statement is.

It is(are) a sentence(s) that are in the introduction. They are in either the last or in the middle of the introduction paragraph.

Now, do not mix up the introduction and thesis statement. Most students who do not know how to start an essay usually confuse the two. The thesis statement is in the introduction, and it summarizes the introduction. First, capture your reader’s attention, introduce the topic, then write down the thesis statement.

Let us understand what to write in these sections

Hook: write a statement that will capture the attention of the audience.

Topic: give your readers what they are to focus on while reading your essay.

Thesis: this is the part where you state your opinions.

In a layman’s term, it is the “essential section of the essay.”

Why do we need to write thesis statements?

A thesis statement compels your teacher to award you marks. And it also affects what kind of feedback you will get from your teacher.

It transforms the paper to be logical. It also makes the process of writing easier. Once you Figure out how to explain your ideas straightforwardly and ingeniously, the rest of your essay will depend on that idea.

Thesis statements summarize the topics and show the position where you stand. As a student, you require a thesis statement that is strong enough to make your audience read it. 

The elements

The thesis statement of an essay contains four parts:

  1. The main point of your essay, just in a sentence.
  2. Reasons for supporting this idea.
  3. A counterargument to your idea
  4. Credible pieces of information that back up your stand.

Once you have all the four elements, arrange them and join them with linking words.

How do you know your statement is compelling enough?

  • It is informative and brief.
  • Has clear arguments with your opinions on the problem
  • It has a logical basis. Ensure you support them with facts.

Your thesis statement should have a topic, claim, and main points that you use to back up the claim.

When we talk about a thesis statement, we are not talking about the subject but are interpreting the subject. And also, when selecting a claim, get one that others will argue about.

It must show the idea and must be specific.

The common that most students make is writing an essay thesis statement that is descriptive rather than writing one that is argumentative. Descriptive essays explain the topic, but they do not give the points and do not claim.

The reason why descriptive essays do not work is that it is just a repeat of the topic.


After knowing all these things, you now need to write the right thesis statement for the right kind of essay. 

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