Smart Ways to Write an Essay Introduction

The secret to writing a good introduction is getting the reader’s attention. If you are capable of doing that, you have nothing to worry about. If you are poor at writing and do not know the best way to do it, you are in the right place. Your introduction will determine whether the reader will continue reading your paper or give up on it and move on to the next. It is a vital part that should be considered and given much attention.

Importance of a Strong Introduction

Your introduction will tell the reader whether your paper is interesting or not. It is the part that should hook the reader to your piece. If you write it anyhow, there is no way the reader will spend even a minute reading your work. Some tips can help you write a powerful introduction. If you want to get better, read the entire article.

  1. Answering the Question

You only need fifteen seconds to take the reader’s attention. If that does not happen, then you are unlucky. If you have a boring piece, the reader will not waste time reading it. He/she will move on to the next of finding something constructive to do. The first sentence you write should be firm and meaningful.

  1. Engage the Reader

You need to get a hook for your introduction part. Even if you have to research, go ahead and do it. You can give the reader a hint about your paper, and he/she will want to know more. Avoid writing everything directly in the introduction part because the reader will not have the psyche to continue reading your work.

  1. Write about Something Personal

If you want the reader to be curious, write about something personal. If you use this tactic, there is no way it will fail. The reader will continue reading your work to acquire more information. You have to know the right way to write it. If you do not, you will make a huge mistake.

  1. Asking a Question

Let no one discourage you from using this technique. It is right many people use it, but you can use it differently. You need to go for a compelling question to capture the reader. Do not go for common questions that readers are used to. Try as much as you can to be unique. It makes a lot of sense because the reader will read on to find the answer. That is the simplest way to win the reader’s attention.

Practices for Writing an Introduction

Each person prefers writing his/her introduction differently. The technique you choose is your problem as long as it helps you. Here are things to do and others not to do:

  • You do not have to write a long introduction to make more sense and go for a short one instead. You can write a few sentences, and you are good to go. If you write a lot of things in this part, you will end up confusing yourself.
  • To eliminate the first sentence, you write to know if your introduction is more substantial without it or not.

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