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Life lived to fade

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Life lived to fade

Post  Teresa Jane Price on Wed Sep 07 2011, 12:32

What is it I wish my words to portray?
What somber mood is there when all does fade?

A moment, a precious moment, as reckoning as any truth
Which lies neath grains of hope beget by despair.
Such is the moment when prayers shun the facts
And delivers unto the victim a heathenish lie.
Yet, though we walk through the valley of trust,
Frail are we so to fall prey to God's tyranny,
As if the lightning and wicked wind are poses.
And still, we pray to the heavens, praising his wrath,
As the tide swallows, taking with it lives in the ebbing,
Only to strand innocence, now ruined with doubt.
And still we pray to God, unable to accept the heathenish lie
That percolates, til wrought is the soul and burdened is the mind,
Leaving tribulations of a persecution, kneeled only by tiring
To again rise forth, as a tornadically ravaging trial.
And still, we pray to God, thanking him for the sun,
Gracious for the moon and to admire the stars.
Moments of reckoning are God's grip and our clinging
To accept fate as faith, only to watch a life lived fade.

Teresa Jane Price

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Re: Life lived to fade

Post  BC Williams on Wed Sep 07 2011, 18:28

In your sorrowfulness I see a beautifully portrayed truth - your truth, brought on by the deeper questions of a broken heart. As a poet, this piece moves me unlike anything I've read in a long time Teresa. It's a soul pouring out, a breath utterly spent.
As a mortal . . . I haven't the understanding of why or if. I marvel at the term, 'Acts of God', for in essence that seems contradictory to what the good word says about God's character. I believe in the reality of evilness, an anciently rooted power contrary to the, 'Will of God' - that there is an unseen battle ragging between God and the, 'author of confusion' the initiator of evil.
How do good folks get caught in this crossfire? Perhaps because good folks coexist in an as yet fallen world. Perhaps blind faith has an understanding of the laws of nature; that to completely understand love one must become sickened by the opposite of love.
The ultimate end? I'd assume it's a world whose inhabitants choose good over evil, having become convinced it's the only way to live. With that sort of thinking and complete trust in God, 'the author of confusion' could never again tempt mankind to enter into a fallen state where they are subject to the contrary side of natural laws.
BC Williams

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Re: Life lived to fade

Post  Teresa Jane Price on Wed Sep 07 2011, 21:46

Thanks Bev. I sometimes find it amusing to watch those struck by God's wickedness celebrate, as though rewarded for believing. It bothers me that people no longer can difference fate from faith. Some will argue, you cannot have one without the other. I differ. Fate is a result, somewhat visible and touchable. Faith is an illusion based upon mere feelings and often is learned. You can have fate for it is the results of living. Faith bares no resemblance to actuality and is measured by conditioning of the mind. The particular struggle you speak of does truly exist for many. However, my relationship with God is not a struggle, but a questioning of the evils he has cast. I do not lack an understanding. I seek to know why I have such an understanding.
Teresa Jane Price

Posts : 56
Author Credits : 95
Accolades : 1
Join date : 2011-04-20
Age : 57
Location : Columbus, Ohio USA

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Re: Life lived to fade

Post  Lucie on Wed Sep 07 2011, 23:42

Hi Teresa,
I really like this..and have (somewhere read a poem very similar) forget the fellers name but, boy, are you both from the same page with this one.
I have dabbled in these thoughts myself, well done you for putting it together so well.
A good read, Thanks x

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Re: Life lived to fade

Post  peewee on Thu Sep 08 2011, 00:01

"well done you for putting it together so well.
A good read, Thanks x"

I agree

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