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Post  anantanand on Thu Aug 11 2011, 01:03

I have posted life essence in the earlier post. Where nothing has been mention about poet /author .so why I am here ?

Recently last few months i have started getting inner feel of writing a poem or poetry. I have never written any poem before. Yes I have written lot of articles on life. So suddenly heart said want to write poem ,when your heart really wants ,your paths becomes clear to you. I slowly started taking interest in it and I met Ali who is great poet on this website. He suggested me to come on this site ,so I am here. I am not a poet but I just express my inner feel through powerful emotion resulting into words...



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Poet/Author Empty Re: Poet/Author

Post  BC Williams on Thu Aug 11 2011, 07:08

Dear Anant,

Some will say/think all are capable of writing poetry. In some sense, this may be true. I believe all people have poetic feelings inside themselves. It's debatable whether all people can surface these feelings into what everyone would think to be true poetry. Some speak in a poetic way. My husband is very capable of this! Some see poetry in the nature surrounding them, or in the smile of a playing child. Some find hope in words where others cannot feel. Some write prose in a manner that seems poetic. For sure, poetry is all around us. Even the lone drop of water that causes bands of movement across a stagnant pond, there is poetry in all forms of life.

To desire the skill of a poet is an essence of ones self that is an admirable thing. To study the course of it will enhance you, opening worlds of deeper contemplation once unimaginable. But true poetry begins with that minute thought: I believe I can look beyond mere words and convey an idea not first pondered.

Desire is key. Being a thinker such as yourself, I believe you are going to succeed! In your chosen field, you are used to looking beyond the visible - down into the very core of being. THAT, is the place poetry resides!

Good luck, and happy writing:-)

BC Williams
BC Williams

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Poet/Author Empty Welcome

Post  alitnobani on Thu Aug 11 2011, 09:23

When I had you as a friend; a lot of nice legends and stories came along my imagination, because I know that your culture can give us rich wisdom and many paths of love and peace.
welcome dear Anant

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